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I just wanted to thank you. I was part of the 12 guys from Seattle — several of us pilots for Alaska Airlines — who played there a week ago. I have played all over the world, Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Royal Melbourne, St. Andrews, as well as several Tour Courses, and no “experience” was quite as spectacular as the day we had at Diamante. You guys did an absolute first-class job with a beautiful piece of property. Beginning with the awesome driving range, top-shelf customer service, and THE BEST GOLF COURSE I’VE EVER PLAYED!!! Of course, shooting 69 with the help of Alfredo, our caddie (nicknamed “Sousa”), didn’t hurt! I just wanted to thank you again, first of all, for having the vision to build such a development and, two, for the great hospitality our group enjoyed before, during and after our round. Hopefully I can get back to Cabo soon on a layover and make it out there again. I’ve been telling all of my friends who fly for Alaska Airlines about the place and to make sure and make a departure announcement when flying over Diamante. Hopefully we can help get the word out!

Pilot — Alaska Airlines

First, let me say, “thank you” for the hospitality that you showed me and my guest at Diamante. I really enjoyed the day at Diamante and feel that you have something very special there. Second, although you haven’t heard from me, many people that I work with at GOLF Magazine have heard me talking about how wonderful Diamante is. Since I was in Cabo, I have completed the following reviews on Diamante:

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I posted several strong reviews on Diamante, claiming that it has set the new bar in Mexico and has unseated Cabo del Sol – Ocean Course as the best in Mexico. I will be spending the next three days in NYC with Joe Passov (Travelin’ Joe – Chairman of the GOLF Magazine Top 100 panel) and the team at Time Inc., where we will discuss Diamante at length. I am already looking forward to my next visit. I am excited about the prospects for the course and am confident that Diamante will be positioned well in the 2011 rankings.

Golf Writer, Top 100 Rater

Playing your golf course was just awesome!! I want to thank you (from all of us) for allowing us to come out and get a beautiful sunny Sunday at a true treasure of Los Cabos … DIAMANTE!! Everyone had a great time, and your staff was beyond accommodating. I know the rest of our team is excited to see your project, as they have been living vicariously through all of my tales and recaps of the recent experiences there! Thanks again for a wonderful time, and I look forward to supporting Diamante in the months and years ahead.

Local Realtor

Both my wife and I would like to thank you for your courtesies and for allowing us to have one of the most enjoyable days anyone could possibly have on a golf course. From the moment we arrived, the experience was mind boggling and the golf course was spectacular. Everyone there should be very proud of the Diamante Life. Having spent a day at Diamante, we are now anxiously looking forward to our return to Cabo and playing your course again. Again thanks for your hospitality and professionalism.

LB — Senior Vice President

I feel compelled to drop you a note to say THANK YOU and to let you know what a tremendous golf experience we had at Diamante. Just so you know who we are, I was the guy who brought down the two girls from the University of Colorado a couple of weeks ago. We all had such a great time, words come up short. The girls loved Diamante! Personally, I have been lucky enough to play almost every major golf course in America and Cabo (save Augusta) and can tell you with confidence “the experience” we had at Diamante was truly unparalleled. Yes the golf course is incredible, possibly the best I have ever played, including Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Monterey Country Club, Cabo del Sol, etc … but it was the entire golf experience that sets Diamante in a class by itself. Thank you so much for making our trip truly unforgettable. We have a house in Pedregal and visit Cabo a couple times a year. We also have several friends who own houses there and visit Cabo regularly. I have been so enthusiastic about Diamante; some of our friends have already visited. Can’t wait to come back, thanks again!

MD — Chief Financial Officer

Great seeing you in Cabo. I just got back from the PGA Show in Orlando — and even with three nights of cocktailing and standing around, I managed to make every flight and all three tee times. Amazing! In any event, I hope to tee it up with you one of these days. What I can tell you is that I couldn’t stop raving about Diamante. I must have told 20 people in Orlando. And, I introduced Eric Evans to Brian Shaw, the director of golf at Doonbeg in Ireland — if nothing else, so that they could compare logos.

Needless to say, I was hugely impressed with the golf course and the entire experience. It was really fun sitting down with you, Paul and Davis, too. I could have gone on for quite a while with that — but grateful for what we did get done together. I ran into my old pals at Links Magazine at the show, and they told me they are going to run Diamante on the cover. Hey, I’m jealous. Either way, I look forward to doing my own write-up. I’m sure you’re tweaking away as I write this, but I really thought you all did phenomenal work. Wish there were more sites and jobs out there, but this one elevates you to top-tier as far as I’m concerned. Well done.

Golf Writer, Top 100 Rater

I just wanted to let you know what a great day we had at your facility. It was one of the best golf experiences I have ever had! I really enjoyed your concept of the comfort stations and how the range was set up. It was all Cabo! I will definitely be passing on my experience to all the golf pros here in Colorado. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know. Hope all is well and thanks again!

Callaway Golf Sales Representative

I was content to explore the area golf, for which it’s so famous. Serendipitously, it’s where I fell upon playing what I now consider the best all-around golf course I’ve stepped foot on. Needless to say, before I left, I did some inquiring on what courses to play. I heard pretty much the same three over and over from you faithful listeners/players and from some pals in the golf industry. But when arriving in the area we were staying, I kept hearing the name of one course over and over as a “must play.” The name was Diamante. The reason why my friendly listeners and golf industry pals weren’t familiar with Diamante was that it’s practically brand new. Locals who aren’t familiar with golf brought it up because all of the sand dunes scenes from the movie “Troy” were shot there. After hearing so many glowing reports I threw my clubs in the back of the car and ventured off to see what all the fuss was about. It will go down as one of my wisest decisions.

Diamante is located less than 15 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas in what seems to be a no-man’s land of nothing but sea and dunes. When making the drive off the main road to get to the course, due to the rolling hills, you don’t see anything for several minutes. Upon cresting the ridge where I could finally see the course, I literally stopped the car to take in my surroundings with my mouth hanging open. My favorite type of course to play is pure coastal Irish links. Though stunning, those courses are infamous for brutal weather. Diamante is as if the good Lord above plucked up an Irish links course and dropped it square in Baja California, Mexico. As far as the eye could see, it was nothing but sea, gigantic dunes and what looked to be a perfect golf course in the middle. Imagine my joy when I pulled up to the course and was greeted with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” blaring throughout the complex. It seems the owners love classic rock and play nothing but. I couldn’t help but giggle, birdying the 10th hole and hearing the Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane” in the distance.

The problem with many links courses can be that a large number of the holes look and play the same. This is not the case at Diamante. Every hole had its unique characteristics and a charm all its own. Played from the tips, this course can be an absolute brute. At the same time, from the resort tees, it’s incredibly fair and fun. There was a perfect mixture of desert-like conditions and the coastal seaside golf we all seek when playing in a tropical location. I can see why Davis Love III, who designed Diamante, fell in love with the undeveloped property when he first laid eyes on it.

The perks of this course are unparalleled in any I have ever played before it. Beyond the great soundtrack and playing conditions, every four or so holes you are greeted with a fully staffed, quaint snack bar where you’re offered great local food and drink, free of charge. I should mention that I had already been served breakfast before I even headed out to play. We all struggle with pace of play and, in this department, Diamante knocks it out of the park. They send groups out in 15-minute intervals, which is absolutely unheard of…

When I think of all the above, it’s almost like the owners of Diamante sat down with 20 golfers of varying skill and sought out the input of each with regard to their perfect day on the course. They then executed it flawlessly. If you play one high-end course in the Los Cabos area, trust me on this, choose Diamante. My thanks to my playing partners (and members of Diamante) Rudy and John; Director of Golf Erik Evans; Golf Pro Brad Hengel; and the entire staff of Diamante, who bent over backward to ensure that I had one of the best golf experiences of my life. And that’s saying something folks.

Radio DJ

I don’t think we were introduced, but I was in the threesome with Dave Leathers of Cabo Living magazine when we played Diamante this Friday. We all agreed that the total golf experience is No. 1, surpassing Pebble Beach, Olympic Club, The Ocean Course and Sand Hills as our new, most favorite course/experience in my 50 years of playing. Thank you and your team for allowing us this great opportunity. The course was magnificent, and the on-course food and service made a great course an absolute treat. We will be back and will tell all our traveling golf buddies to come, too.

TB – Attorney at Law

Just wanted to write to all my friends at Diamante and say thank you for one of the best golf experiences of my life. I have always enjoyed links courses, and the Dunes course was one of the best I have ever played. It helped that the weather was perfect. I played Bandon Dunes a few months ago and your course reminded me of that links course, but with ideal weather. You guys are geniuses! Tell Davis Love III that he did a fantastic job and congrats to all involved. My wife June and I look forward to returning to Cabo and playing your course over and over again.

JF — Doctor (Chicago, IL)

Just wanted to say how much my group and I enjoyed the entire experience at Diamante! The golf course, food and the entire staff made us feel so welcome, and we truly appreciate your hospitality. If you ever have members up in the Cleveland area and need to get them on an old Tillinghast course please give me a call! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your winter season down in paradise!

Club Professional

Just wanted to touch base with you and tell you what a great time we had and thought the course was spectacular. Your staff was also over the top. We enjoyed Ernesto as our caddie on both days; you have a good ambassador in him, as he knows his game and can certainly read the greens. Please relay our comments to your staff, and we all hope to be back to Diamante at some point. Have a great day!


First let me say thank you so much for the wonderful evening we experienced. The horses, ATVs and a beautiful beach to ourselves were a memory our children will have for a lifetime. The dinner was equally wonderful and the special touch served family-style made us feel at home. Please extend our gratitude to all of those who were part of making our evening so special.

SB — Member