Diamante – El Cardonal Update

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Construction on the Tiger Woods Design Course, El Cardonal, is on schedule. As excitement grows, we thought you’d be interested to know more about the new grass we have selected for the course.

diamante-el-cardonal-2-greenEl Cardonal – Hole No. 2 Green Complex

We are using Paspalum Platinum grass on the course, which is the best new grass available. It has a slightly finer leaf texture, with an exceptional shiny dark green color, and a very tight, dense surface, which allows it to recover quickly from divots and traffic. It is the newest cultivar variety of the Paspalum grass that we have used on the Dunes course with great success, and it flourishes year round in hot, salt-air climates, allowing it to maintain superior appearance and playability.


Available only from South Georgia where Paspalum grass originates, growing and importing this grass to Mexico has not been without its challenges. The grass has to be harvested, meticulously washed and sanitized prior to shipment. Once harvested, the sprigs are packed and shipped in temperature-controlled refrigerated trucks. The trucks are maintained at 42-45 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep the sprigs dormant for the eight to ten day journey to Diamante. Upon arrival, we then plant the sprigs in our newly created 10-acre turf farm for later use on each El Cardonal hole.

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